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1997 Bay Stallion

Sire: Gallo del Cielo (Rooster)
Dam: What Tari

2000 NRHA Open Futurity Reserve Champion
2002 NRHA Open Derby 3rd place
2002 NRBC Open 3rd place
2002 AMERICANA NRHA Open first go round winner
Number 1 Money Earner by Gallo del Cielo
Life-time earnings in excess of U.S. $ 148,000 (Equi-Stat)
Currently the NRHA 6th lifetime earning leading stallion

The career winner of Ricochet Rooster begins in 2000 when Todd Bergen, the famous U.S. training, leads the show in Oklahoma City to participate in the NRHA Open Futurity. The combination is now talk about bringing home the title of Reserve Champion Open and a prize of U.S. $ 96.357. The young stud so begins the climb to the top of the rankings given to the sons of the famous Stallion, Gallo del Cielo (Rooster).

Immediately after placing the NRHA Futurity, because of an injury, Ricochet Rooster is forced to remain idle for a year, but his trainer, Bergen, firmly believes in his ability and once healed, put him back into work gradually in view of important shows to be held in 2002. "It 'a horse with a big heart and a great athletic ability," Todd says of him. "Besides giving immense satisfaction in the show, a horse is fun, sweet and easy to manage."

In May 2002, Todd and Ricochet Rooster back on stage and this time, with a score of 222, they won third place in the prestigious NRHA Derby Open. A few months later, in Katy, Texas, the couple participates in the National Reiners Breeders Classic Open, and even here Ricochet Rooster leaves its mark taking third in the standings, having scored 222.

At this point in his career, Ricochet Rooster is located at the top reserved for sons of Gallo del Cielo in terms of wins. Gallo del Cielo has in fact produced sons who have a career winner of over one million one hundred thousand dollars and Ricochet Rooster, just five years, has contributed greatly to increase this figure.

In view of the Open approved by the National Reining Horse Association, the largest jackpot in the world, Americana, the show that takes place every two years in Augsburg, Germany, Ricochet Rooster arrives in Europe. This time to bring him in the show will be another NRHA Futurity Champion, Andrea Fappani, himself a sure supporter of this athlete. "It 'a very good horse who still has much to give in both shows Open and Non Pro" he says Andrea.

Andrea and Ricochet are imposed in the Old Continent taking the top place in the first go of the NRHA Open with a score of 221 ½ and finishing in seventh position overall.

Today Ricochet Rooster is in Italy thanks to its owner, Manuel Bonzano, who always believed in its potential not only to a competitive level, but also and above all, reproductive.

The Italian breeding now has among its 'Sire' Ricochet Rooster, a stallion that will surely come to fruition in the history of breeding tricolor.

Offspring: Total Earnings till 12/2012 $ 254.381,83 in NRHA SHOWS

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